What are the benefits of 4D ultrasound

Many pregnant women decide to have a 4D ultrasound because they can see the fetus in detail and parents can clearly see their baby's movements on the monitor. Often parents can recognize and see their baby's facial features. 4 D ultrasound provokes a general surprise and delight for parents.

4D ultrasound is paid for, so many pregnant women cannot afford it. If you decide on an ultrasound you will be very pleased, because through the monitor you will clearly see your baby.

4 D ultrasound is recommended for about 22 weeks when the fetus is mature enough and a thorough examination of the heart and any possible fetal abnormalities can be determined.

Pregnancy control is unthinkable without an ultrasound examination. It allows the gynecologist to directly and directly observe the fetus in the womb. It reliably determines pregnancy, gender, material analysis and the detection of fetal abnormalities.

New technology has advanced so much that a 3 D or 4D image creates such a realistic and clear image, and the object can be analyzed completely. The screen shows the figure of the fetus, thus facilitating the analysis of fetal structure at all stages of pregnancy.
The great advantage is the ability to capture certain details.

If in doubt, it is important to know that 3D / 4D fetal analysis becomes a great complement to your normal checkup and if your baby has anomalies you will clearly see this procedure.

Before the fourth month of pregnancy with 4D ultrasound, you can see the movements of the head, body and extremities of the fetus to evaluate motor activity and fetal behavior. A simple ultrasound examination cannot produce a credible picture of the fetus.

In the later months of pregnancy, you can see the full spectrum of fetal behavior, such as facial mimics (yawn, smile, frown), extremity behavior (sucking your finger, touching some parts of the body with your hands).

With 4D ultrasound, parents make a very emotional and interesting impression on their child. With it, many mothers experience psychic peace if they are disturbed by some ambiguities regarding the baby. The biggest concern is the baby's health and normal appearance.

It will reduce the fear of fetal anomalies and any fear that you may have had before. When you see your baby on a 4D ultrasound that is healthy and progressing, you will feel great enthusiasm and peace. The feeling is priceless.

Some parents want to simply experience modern technology and are given the opportunity to get to know their child a little bit while still in their belly.

Author: M.S., Photo: Rizome / Wikimedia

What is 4D ultrasound imaging? (May 2022)