What are the benefits of a sauna

Although the sauna has become a hygienic necessity today, it is only slowly acquiring a "citizenship right" with us. What the sauna means for improving the health, psychophysical fitness and aesthetic appearance of a person is unfortunately not yet clear to many people. Regular use of the sauna makes the skin smooth and supple, improves circulation and improves fitness, that is, improves the general condition of the body.

The sauna is very useful for people who have oily skin, because the temperature and humidity of the sauna have a positive effect on the metabolism of the body. In addition, due to alternating warm and cold stimuli, circulation is improved which contributes to better regeneration and cells. Dead cells are released from the surface of the skin, so this acts as a light peeling.

After the sauna, the skin receives much better cream or oil, which must be rubbed into it. In the sauna, you can not lose weight, but because of the improved metabolism, it is easier to lose weight. Nothing will so much emasculate the body as a sudden change in temperature (sauna-cold shower or bath), so the sauna has a prophylactic effect.

Saunas: Good or bad for your heart? (May 2022)