What are the benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are naturally occurring volatile substances that quickly evaporate into the air, releasing aroma. There are about 300 essential oils available on the market but only 50 to 100 have health properties. Essential oils can be used as a fragrance refining space.

You need the aroma lamp for this. These are ceramic lamps into the base of which a small candle is lit, and some water and a few drops of oil are placed in the upper part of the lamp (pot).

Inhalation is especially useful in respiratory diseases. Up to 5 drops of oil should be added to a container of about one liter of boiling water. Care should be taken that water does not burn the face and it is recommended that the eyes be closed during inhalation.

Oils can also be used in baths - up to 10 drops of oil should be added to the tub of water and relaxed in the bath. If the oil is used for massage, it must be diluted with base oil. Up to 10 drops of oil can be added per 100 ml. Higher amounts of oil would cause skin irritation.

Chemicals in essential oils boost the body's ability to heal. They enter the body through the skin and are transmitted to the blood, after which they are excreted through the lungs and through the urine. After treatment, they remain in the body for three to four hours and promote healing, which can take two to three weeks.

Anis is recommended for breast milk deficiency, and due to its similarity to estrogen, it is also useful in PMS, menopause and ovarian problems. It is not recommended for use in pregnancy before the seventh month.

Bergamotima has a pleasant refreshing scent. It is useful for digestive problems such as cramps, colic and slow digestion. It can also be used to calm emotional states such as anxiety and mood swings.

Tea tree has strong antiseptic properties and a suitable odor. It is excellent against germs and fungi. It is one of the few oils that can be applied undiluted to the skin.

Lavender is the most widely used essential oil in use. It rejuvenates the skin and helps to normalize both dry and oily skin. In combination with other oils it works to relieve arthritis and rheumatism, psoriasis and eczema. Relieves tension and headaches. It is also good for calming nerves, getting rid of depression and calming anger.

Rose oil has been a favorite of women since ancient times for its mild action and pleasant aroma. Balances hormones and helps with irregular periods. It soothes the skin, drives depression and promotes well-being.

Author: D.K., Photo: Martina Osmy / Shutterstock

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