What are the best mascara

It is difficult to imagine makeup without some decorative cosmetics. It is necessary if you want to highlight all your strengths on the face, and possibly hide the possible disadvantages. Lipstick, powder, blush, eyeshadow and mascara. What is your choice?

The eyes are the area on your face that you want to stand out the most and use a variety of decorative cosmetics here? Not only eyeshadow is enough, eye pencil and inevitable mascara are also important. It's just that mascara has become the most important when it comes to highlighting the lashes that make your eyes bigger.

Sometimes it's good to play it safe and always opt for products you know you won't go wrong with. But sometimes it is good to have a little bit of fun and go in the other direction. Just as you won't be applying the same color every time, you won't always use the same mascara.

It would be good if you sorted the mascara according to the occasion you are putting it on. What are the best mascara? There are three basic models you can use to meet your needs. If you want to have fun you can try color masks.

Although black and blue are a classic that can never be boring, you won't go wrong if you try other shades. There is no better feeling than when you show your great mood with your current look, whether it is clothing or makeup.

Makeup artists agree how you can combine several colors, so your eyes can find a purple or green color while the clothing is in different tones. You can adjust the color of the mascara to your eye color or your current mood. All colors are allowed.

For everyday activities, you can choose between mascara that lengthens the lashes and provides the volume you want. Try to avoid waterproof masks that dry your lashes and create lumps.

Special occasions require a special appearance and the best decision is dramatic. The best mascara for these occasions are those that provide two effects, namely volume and longer lashes. Whether you combine glitter or stronger eyeshadow, you'll look like a giant on the red carpet. Find the best mascara and feel like a star.

Author: S.Š., Photo: Inga Ivanova / Shutterstock

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