What are the dangers of a household

Unfortunately, one of the bad characteristics of a person is to conceive only when it is too late.


FLOORS you should not sooner if waxed. It is better to shine less, but less likely to fall or slip.

CARPETS AND SPACES let them fit well on the floor so that no one slips on them, and you can achieve this by firmly pouring them over. You have to be aware that twisted corners or rugs on the rugs are very dangerous for your feet, so make sure you always straighten them.

GOOD LIGHTING you will prevent your household and guests from falling or stumbling. This is why you need to make sure that all the stairs, lobby and staircase are in place and that the basement and ceiling are sufficiently illuminated.

BATH AND SHOWER they have to have handrails or ribbed rubber inserts to prevent someone from slipping, and this is especially common with older people.

FOR THE TIME OF THE BATH IN THE TUB we should not come into contact with the electric heater as there is a risk of electric shock. Keep the heater away from water and reach for your hands.

PETROL it should not be exposed to heat and air, but should be stored in a cool and dark place, because even direct sunlight, if dropped at a certain angle, can cause inflammation.

PETROL RESIDUES do not dispose of them or flush them with water, as gasoline does not dissolve in water anyway. It is best to let it air in the fresh air. It is very dangerous to add gasoline to the laundry water, even in small quantities.

TELEVISION IS A DANGER TO THE EYES, if we don't follow certain rules. First of all, it is best to watch the television from a distance of approximately 2.50 m. In addition, a lamp should be installed next to the TV itself, or better still behind the screen, so that the eyes do not suffer from changing viewing from light to darkness.

WORK CLOTHING it must be comfortable and safe. Shoes with high heels, open shoes if not stable enough, too narrow or too long skirts are inappropriate. Both home gowns and home coats are dangerous because they can easily get caught and fall off.

WINDOW CLEANING, removing and hanging curtains, and retrieving objects that are high in the closet, use only secure, non-slippery, household ladders. It goes without saying that when cleaning your windows you will not fit on the window frame.

Hazards and risks in the home (May 2022)