What are the dogs for the apartment

Having a dog is a big responsibility and before deciding whether to purchase a pet, you need to think about whether you have all the necessary conditions. All living in the apartment should be oriented towards breeds that will not interfere with staying in a smaller space. Following are tips on what are the best dogs for a flat.

To many, the first thought is when someone mentions a dog whose hair may be all over the apartment. This is one of the reasons why many families choose to get a dog that does not have frequent hair. There are many questions that future owners ask such as caring for a dog.

What are the dogs for the apartment?


Schnauzers are known as dogs with a character, which is not surprising since this is a type of terrier. There are dwarfs, medium and large, they are adjustable and do not line.


Maltese are one of the more popular breeds precisely because they do not line, even if they are waste hair, this is usually when combed. Everyone who chooses to get a mortar needs to know what it is like to have their hair brushed daily. They grow to a maximum of 6 kg and are attached to the owner. They are a great breed for the apartment.


Poodle is a real dog for the apartment since it has hypoallergenic hair that needs to be combed, bathed and combed regularly. There are curls and short hair poodles, and as four breeds are registered, it is up to future owners to choose the best for themselves.


Bichons are similar to maltese except that they are larger and have curly hair that does not need to be maintained separately. They are loyal to the owners and love to pamper themselves.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog that many see as a toy since it is one of the smallest breeds. He is grateful for staying in the apartment since he is not moving. It should be remembered that just like a mortar, the terrier has a hair that requires regular combing.

Shi Tzu

Shi Tzu are cute puppies that, unlike maltese, do not have hair in just one color. Hair can only fall off when combing and is therefore designed to stay in smaller spaces.

The final decision on whether to purchase a pet will depend on the breed in question and whether you prefer smaller or larger breeds. Whatever decision is made, it is important for the dog to be accepted as a new family member.

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