What are the expectations in the second pregnancy

The second pregnancy is a story unto itself, and it may differ greatly from the first, and may be the same as the first. Prepare for surprises. The first pregnancy is special, because you go through everything the first time, you feel the bumps, the pounding for the first time and that is why these moments are invaluable.

With the second pregnancy, you know the less you are waiting for, but it may flow a lot differently, so you may encounter some things for the first time.

Do not be surprised if your pregnancy is different and your birth is different. In your first pregnancy, you are eagerly awaiting the first movements, longing to discover sex, you cannot wait to receive your baby, while in the second you are much more relaxed.

Sometimes fears and anxiety are difficult to dispel, no matter what the pregnancy, it depends on the mother to the mother. If you feel anxious that your first baby will accept the second baby, how you will balance all the commitments, this is normal.

When a baby is born, everything is sorted out and all this care will be in vain. Maybe the thought went through whether you could love the second child as the first, because you love your first child immeasurably and it is incomprehensible to you that you can love someone as your first child.

Of course you will love him equally, as soon as you see him you will be filled with immense love. For the most part, the second pregnancy is much more difficult because, apart from the hardships, the obligations, you also have care for the first child.

There is a possibility that you may encounter pregnancy problems that you did not experience in your first pregnancy. Your belly may be larger than during your first pregnancy, you may have varicose veins, swelling, etc.

You won't be able to avoid the problems at all. Women are often more worried in their first pregnancy because they do not know what is waiting for them and how to recognize the symptoms when something is wrong, how to recognize false labor, how to breathe during childbirth, whether you will be able to endure, what your baby will look like…

It bothers you a lot and you have no answer. The second pregnancy is more relaxed on many issues, but there are always questions that you will get when you give birth.

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