What are the most common lies

Everyone is lying to themselves sometimes, but some know how to overdo it. In order not to start believing your lies, it is important that you have a measure in them. If you realize that you are telling too many lies, then you definitely need to take action. The best in lying, though, are women, and these are the things we most lie about below.

One of the most common lies women tell themselves is clothing and the need for it. When a woman sees a piece of clothing that she likes, she will buy it whether she wants it or not, and will convince herself that she needs it. The result of such a lie is a full wardrobe of clothes she doesn't even need and that she may never wear.

The second most common lie is that he starts exercising tomorrow. There is probably no woman who has not uttered this sentence at least once. Of course she really wants to exercise and knows she needs to get started, but she just can't help herself and comfort herself, how she'll do tomorrow. So if you say that sentence today, you'd better get started and start practicing today to prevent it being delayed.

Of course, everyone loves to spend time with their partner, but it's just not always the right time. Each person sometimes needs their own peace and time for themselves, which is difficult for women to admit, so you will often hear them saying that they love that their partner is always there for them, but of course this is not true.

Showing your love to someone does not always mean doing something for that person. You can show love through words and companionship, and women assure themselves that only love will show if they will do daily favors for their family, which is not true.

Will sex solve all problems? Of course not, but still, many women are convinced! If you are also one of those who would rather end up with a partner in bed just to avoid a quarrel, know that you are doing completely wrong! Sex offers only a temporary solution, which will not satisfy you in the long run, so it is best not to solve problems that way.

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5 Most Common Lies We Tell (May 2022)