What are the natural antibiotics

Long before the Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, humans fought against infection by natural methods. Today, despite the existence of antibiotics, more and more people are opting for natural remedies. Discover what are the best natural antibiotics.

The development of antibiotics in the 20th century brought many changes in the treatment of serious illnesses, but scientists at the time could not know how over time certain forms of bacteria would become resistant to drugs and that mutations that bacteria pass through would have to be taken into consideration when developing new antibiotics.

Thus, more and more scientists began to turn to folk medicine as it became known that there are more and more plants that are effective in fighting various infections.

What Are Natural Antibiotics?

The following is a list of natural antibiotics that scientific research has shown can kill many bacteria or prevent them from multiplying.


To make sure you know how to treat Escherichia coli, you need to turn to asparagus because it is their extract that increases the number of white blood cells and activates them to fight the bacterium.

Green tea

Did you know how healthy green tea is? It is a medicinal drink that has multiple benefits for the body, and thus has a strong antibacterial effect thanks to polyphenol. It is an ingredient that helps to disrupt the metabolism of bacteria by preventing them from multiplying.


Garlic is another natural antibiotic enriched with allicin, an ingredient that has always been used by garlic to treat incurable diseases and prevent sepsis. It can be consumed in raw form or with capsules.


Good bacteria from yoghurt stimulates the production of white blood cells, which then destroy unwanted microorganisms in the body.


Cherry is a great food when it comes to preventing gum disease. Thanks to the juicy juice, said fruit has the ability to alleviate the bacterial activity that leads to the formation of dental plaque.


Pomegranate is an important and valuable food that has been used since ancient times. Thus, ancient China was known for the healing of pomegranate juice, since it helps prevent gum infections and oral cavity infections.


Honey is a great food that helps prevent injury and wound infections. Many like to add it to a variety of dishes and beverages. Manuka, the product of New Zealand natives, is considered to be the best type of honey. It has been shown that honey can destroy the Staphylococcus aureus, which is resistant to most medicines.

There are many herbs in the natural that can help alleviate a number of ailments, and their advantage over drugs that are otherwise consumed is that they do not cause unwanted side effects.

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Herbal Remedies as Antibiotics (October 2020)