What are the problems of the scanner

Scanners, printers and all other mechanical devices can be blocked or jammed, and like all other devices, they are exposed not only to compatibility issues but to connectivity and software. What are the most common scanner problems and can they be resolved without professional help?

Is the scanner turned on but doesn't want to scan? Need to check for power and the light on? If it is a device that is a combination of a printer and a scanner, the first thing to do is check that the printer is working and that the device is plugged in.

After that it is necessary to check if there is a connection to the computer, and this can be verified by connecting the device with the USB cable, which should be plugged into a different socket than the USB one. The computer should turn off and on and try again to scan a specific document.

Many scanners are equipped with a physical latch and a transport lock. The physical latch is responsible for locking the scanner tray, so it is a good idea to check if the device is unlocked at all.

It is advised to download and install the "Driver" driver so that the user can make sure the computer recognizes the scanner and communicates with it.

What if the scanner surface is scratched? It would be a good idea to run a fingernail across the surface to determine how deep the scratch is. If the nail gets stuck the scratch is unfortunately too deep to be repaired.

Before embarking on a repair, the plastic or glass surface of the scanner must be determined. The plastic surface should be gently wiped with a damp, lint-free cloth, dried and then smoothed with a wipe.

If the scratch is not too deep and is a glass surface, the scratch can be smoothed out with a mild abrasive. Toothpaste will also be used as well as a kit for repairing scratched glasses on glasses.

The scratches can also be smoothed out with a toothpaste. The paste should be scratched and the excess removed and the paste dried and cured. The paste should then be wiped and polished with a clean, lint-free cloth.

It takes a bit of luck, but also persistence to make the scratch disappear, and sometimes it will be necessary to repeat the procedure several times to arrive at the desired result.

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