What are the reasons for an unhappy relationship

We all know at least one couple who is not happy. Whether it is your sister, friend, or, after all, yourself. Such couples quarrel and talk to each other behind their backs and generally hate people who are happily in love. In most cases, in such relationships, couples cheat or talk to each other in order to do this best, and constantly insult each other.

But why don't such couples end their unhappy relationship and go their own way? There are several reasons for this below.


Being alone is much better and healthier for a person than being in a relationship where you feel lonely. Loneliness is a state of mind! Just because a person is alone and feeling alone does not mean that they are lonely. Staying in an unhappy relationship may protect you from loneliness, but not from loneliness.


The fear of loneliness is nothing but the fear of life. You were not born together, and you can actually live and survive without each other without difficulty. It is natural to be alone and to go through life as an individual for yourself. Just because you do not have someone beside you whom you can call your own, does not mean that you are not valid and do not exist.

Everyone creates their fear. People are afraid of being alone because they are not used to it, and are afraid that they will never find anyone else. Unhappy couples are afraid to break up because they would rather be lonely in an unhappy relationship than risk a better tomorrow.


Partners who remain in bad relationships just because of feelings of guilt and pity for another partner are actually destroying the other partner. The partner feels pity for the other partner, and it hurts more than to end the relationship.


The most common excuses of a partner in a bad relationship is the amount of time they have given that relationship, which cannot be returned. And you can also hear excuses like I'm too old for that, nothing better awaits me. What each relationship and partner takes most is time, but it is never wasted. Every week, month or year spent in a bad relationship is just a gathering experience.


You may have a shared apartment and a shared pet, but these things can be better handled and separated from a relationship that leads to nothing but accidents. Such things should never stop you, and especially not in a relationship.


Most people in the relationship feel sorry for the good old days spent in that relationship. But do not let that feeling carry you, because it is better to feel such regret than to mourn the time lost at the age of 45.


There are some things that get better with time, but if you've been in a bad relationship for a long time, and if you've tried everything to save her, then go out of her way.

As difficult as it may be, interruptions are sometimes the best choice. The time of sorrow will take some time, but it will disappear. Someone before, some later, but it always disappears. So head up and head for a better life!

Author: A.Z., Photo: Petrenko Andriy / Shutterstock

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