What are the rules of a happy family

What are the rules of a happy family? Having a happy and healthy family is everyone's wish. Instead of wanting, sometimes it is necessary to take matters into your own hands and make your family happy. For happiness sometimes it really takes a little and it does not require any wealth or wisdom.

As with any family, strife and strife are unfortunately common and part of everyday life. The most common problems are besides money, not helping in the household, not participating in family members activities, diverting all responsibilities to one person…

In patriarchal and old-fashioned families, it is the woman who has the highest number of responsibilities, her task is to look after the children, the household, and it is the man who brings the money into the house. But times are changing and "such" roles are a thing of the past.

In today's modern life, roles are divided and a man and a woman participate equally in all activities, as far as family is concerned. At least that is how it should be in the family. It's just not fair for a woman to have all the responsibilities, and for a man to just work.

In order for the family to be happy and satisfied, it is necessary for everyone to participate together and equally in all roles. Distribution of jobs and equal care for children are mandatory.

With such an example of a harmonious family where equality reigns, you will pass on to your children the example of a happy and harmonious family. You are an example to your children and don't forget that. The most important thing is that you strive and keep your family happy and satisfied.

Regularly declare love to your members, shower them with care and love. Let them know that they are important to you in life and let them know how much they mean to you. Every happy family has its own family tradition. Have it, too. If you can't make lunch together every day for lunch, have dinner together.

Make Sunday special, let that day be for your family. Have lunch together, spend quality time together. Laugh together, share happy moments, go on trips together, let every free moment be for your family.

Make your marriage holy. With your happy marriage, filled with love, respect, trust and tolerance, set an example for your children and your environment. Never put friends in front of the family, because the family must come first. You need to teach your children that it's normal to have friends, but that family is the most important and the priority.

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