What are the signs of a marriage failure

Marriage is a vow of a lifetime, but sometimes it does not last forever. After the promise of eternal love, many couples part ways. Some remain married despite the disagreement, while others do not want to suffer and divorce. Before you make such a big decision, consult a marriage counselor. The following are signs of the downfall of marriage.

Maybe you just need an expert to open your eyes a little and push you. The old fire quickly flares up and sometimes it really takes a while to be one again. Usually, couples separate with age, losing their sense of connection, which they associate with a lack of love.

If your quarrel ends with a fight and a physical altercation, it is a sign that the end of the marriage is at hand. It is equally not good when you remain silent and go through every problem with silence. When your sex life is reduced to a rarity and when your partner ceases to be attracted to you and your passion is almost gone, it is a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

Couples who are divorced usually do not remember the last time they had sex. Although people of different characters are attracted to each other, couples must have similarities, because only in this way can they survive. Many couples get divorced because one of the partners neglects the family because of his career.

Their careers have become a priority and family is in the background. That in no way leads to good. Signs of marriage failure are also insulting, belittling… Relationships in marriage must be full of respect and understanding, because without that, partners cannot build a quality relationship and their marriage is going to collapse.

Sometimes it happens that one partner simply stops trying, while the other constantly invests in a quality relationship. Marriage requires mutual investment and giving. Money is often a big problem in a marriage, especially when it runs out. Then quarrels come to a climax.

Couples who never quarrel usually have the most problems but do not solve them. A quarrel is a normal occurrence in marriage and it resolves many disagreements. Your partner needs to be your best friend, lover, husband, without these functions your marriage loses meaning.

Even though the couple has been married for a long time and it would be difficult for them to start over, it is sometimes better for everyone to go their own way.

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