What are the signs of fraud

Fraud is a breach of trust, love and a generally good relationship between a man and a woman. For some, fraud signifies a complete end, while some reconcile and give their love a new chance, but with a little less confidence.
You can clearly recognize the signs of infidelity; the problem arises when women do not want to see something happening.

Everything is perfect at the beginning of the relationship, "butterflies are in your belly", you feel flushed and everything is pink. At the stage of your infatuation, you see everything perfectly and you don't want to admit it if something doesn't work.

If you have had bad luck and come across a squall, then there will be some more girls besides you. He will be attentive to you and loving at the same time, while on the other hand he will lie and cheat on you. Identify the signs of fraud on time and stop at the very beginning.

If a partner is hiding your cellphone from you, deleting calls, silencing the audio, he is hiding something, otherwise he would not do it because he would not need it. The cell phone is always in the pocket or in a visible place for all men in case the company wants to get it and there is no need to extinguish it while with you.

If he always hides and secretly writes messages, appears in codes, something is wrong. When you accidentally and discreetly retrieve a cellphone, you see suspicious names or numbers, such as abbreviations, or you find a message sent from a supposedly male person and the content is feminine. When asked, he excuses himself and attributes it to a friend's joke.

We live in an age of digital world, where almost every person has facebook. If she's convincingly hiding the code from you, commenting on other girlfriends' statuses, looking at profiles of ex-girlfriends, something strange is going on. Don't ignore those signs.

Faithful guys don't do this, they don't care about the status of other girls, their ex-girlfriend is a past for them, there is only you for them. Of course, if he sees a pretty girl that his discreet gaze will escape, that's normal. But she won't fumble after, toss, charm or talk to her. These are the properties of the squalor.

You will also recognize a fraud by lies; you must catch it at least several times in lies; they will tell one story several times in several different ways and in the end they will be lost in lies.
She must stay longer at work, justifying herself for unintelligible reasons.

Signs are all around you, and although you are in love open your eyes, do not be blind. You don't deserve a love full of fraud. Everyone deserves a partner who will be faithful and who will love only you. Don't allow yourself to fall in love.

Author: M.S., Photo: Aleksandr Kurganov / Shutterstock

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