What are the signs of pregnancy

Have you been feeling weird for a while and not sure if you're getting a cold or just tired? Will you wait a while, and if it continues go to the doctor? Many women, before learning that they were pregnant, had symptoms that made them think they were ill.

How was it with you? Did you, even before you found out you were pregnant, have been shocked by the news when you received the findings or did you already have the premise that you are smiling for another family member?

Whether the women knew before they received the blood test depends on whether they planned the pregnancy or whether it just happened to them. Women who wanted to stay pregnant followed ovulation and any changes their body went through, including signs that might indicate pregnancy.

And what are these signs? Nausea is the first thing women think of and many will assume after morning sickness that they are pregnant unless they have eaten something rotten or are currently suffering from an intestinal virus.

In addition to nausea, vomiting is possible, but not only in the morning but later in the day. In women, vomiting can be caused by odors or certain foods.

Although vomiting is what many women associate with pregnancy, one should not forget the absence of menstruation. While some women have a milder form of bleeding indicating implantation, some will not even get it and this will be their first sign that something is going on.

Frequent going to the toilet is another sign that may indicate pregnancy. He is not particularly comfortable when on the go and when you need to look for the first free toilet station every now and then.

Tense breasts, excessive sensitivity to certain odors, and a constant feeling of fatigue are just one of the indicators that you can seek a pharmacy test. Unfortunately for all women who want to have a baby and have been working on it for some time, most of these signs may indicate the onset of menstruation. The best sign is therefore a positive beta.

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