What are the tips for more confidence

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, in the sense that we set goals that we will never be able to achieve! Not because we are incapable or stupid of achieving something, but for the simple reason that some things fail. By that I mean in particular the desire to please everyone! What are some tips for more confidence?

If you are the type of person who, in every society, at work and in any place you find yourself wanting to please every member of the community, then it's time to settle some things for all time, not for others but for your own sake.

Seeking to accept and approve all your decisions does not work well for self-confidence. Of course, it is not necessary to do everything alone and not seek and respect other people's opinions, but just asking everyone for the approval of absolutely everyone does not make sense because then you will never do anything.

Asking for opinions from people you care about, or at work from a colleague you know understands better than you in a particular thing you need is okay. Everything else does not need to be looked at as the choices you make will be made by the environment, you are mature enough and serious enough to know yourself, your desires and needs. This will show that you have more confidence.

The other important thing is that you strive to be nice to everyone, and the more you try, the less likable people will be. Why? It's very simple! Because this forced effort is seen and read, and then sincerity and spontaneity are lost, which is exactly what captivates people. And so you will lose the sympathies of those you might otherwise like.

Look from this angle - do you like them all? Not! Well, you can't like everyone, either. And this is no problem, because if you don't like everyone, it doesn't mean you can't have the right relationship at the level you need, so if you don't sympathize with a colleague, you don't have to socialize with him or her on a personal level, but time you have the right relationships.

The people around you are important to you and let them know because you do not make life happy and fulfilling, the sympathies of acquaintances and people you will see only a few times in your life, but they are made by these few to whom you are more than sympathetic. They are the ones who deserve to spend their energy on them and prove to them why you have a special place in their lives!

Author: Tajana, Photo: Strider / Shutterstock

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