What are these love statuses

Love is an integral part of life and we simply cannot function without it. If you tried, you noticed how empty you felt. Love exists for all living beings to express a certain kind of empathy for one another and to make compassion inevitable.

You have probably repeatedly found yourself in a situation where you did not know what it meant to someone to tell you what was on your heart. We can help you, if you want some inspiration here are some quotes from one of the most famous writers.

Want to be romantic there's Paulo Coelho.

"Love is neither desire nor knowledge nor admiration."

"Love is a challenge, a fire that burns with an unseen flame."

"Through love, we try to understand the Universe."

"That's the way it has been since the beginning of time."

"Your love saves me and brings me back to my dreams."

"Love is a true experience of freedom, because no one can own another person."

"Love can completely change one's life, in an instant."

"Love is the key to understanding all the secrets."

"In love affects everyone in their freedom."

Author: S.Š. Photo: Photoxpress

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