What are your favorite female poses in sex

Women love sex just as much as men do. They also love to experiment to improve the love life they have with their partner. However, there are also many women who prefer domination to a partner.

Lap dance

Why do women like to be worse? The reason is that in this way they feel like they are controlling the tempo, that is, they are running the game. However, many women do not like this pose because they are considered over-exposed.

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Missionary position
You need not underestimate the missionary position. It is a misconception that he can only mean boring sex without arousal. On the contrary, this position is among the most beloved for women since they can then peak in many ways.

Sex on the counter
Certainly it is one of the favorite poses just for women. Where the degree of pleasure achieved most depends on how much a woman can stretch her legs at some point. Of course the pleasure is greater then.

Doggy style
Appearing this position on the list might be a surprise, but women really enjoy it. However, they love the feeling of intimacy and in the canine position and do not like to feel like objects. Men can achieve a sense of closeness by leaning over their partner.

Spoon position
This position is popular with both genders. Women prefer it because they love the feeling of a man's chest clinging to his back, his arms wrapped around his body as well as his penetration at the back. This pose is extremely comfortable, allowing a man to caress his partner with his fingers all over his body.

Although some women do not like all the positions on the list, most of them enjoy these positions. Research in sex is very important to maintain the necessary dose of excitement and coolness, but sometimes they just want sex in a way that they are sure will lead to orgasm.

10 Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm and Satisfaction! (October 2020)