What beaches to visit on the island of Pag

If you look at the opinions given by all those who have already visited Pag, whether we are talking about tourists or tourist workers, they all agreed in one. Pag is above all an island that offers incredible beaches, clean sea and rich historical and cultural heritage.

Not only is it famous for its gastronomic delights imbued with specialties enriched with home-made lamb and of course the famous Pag cheese, Pag is also known for its many beaches whose beauty is most prominent because of its numerous bays.

These coves offer their guests a peaceful and relaxing holiday by the clear sea. The island of Pag is full of sandy and pebble beaches, which are among the most beautiful on the Adriatic and of course the northern part of Dalmatia.

Speaking of beaches, then the main city beach with fine gravel, which you can walk barefoot, should be singled out for. Entering the sea is gentle, so without steeps it is best suited to children and all those who like to have fun in the shallows.

The sea on this part of the coast is warm and salty, which makes it particularly attractive. The great advantage is the numerous catering establishments where you can refresh yourself, as well as other facilities for children. We must not forget the Blue Flag as proof of purity.

For all those who consider themselves lovers of crazy nightlife, we recommend Zrce, which we do not have to write much about since it is one of the most popular destinations of this part of Europe. The beach is pebbly and enriched with a large number of bars, where you can go crazy at night and day.

Among the more famous beaches can be mentioned: Caska, Strasko, Babe, Trincel, Branicevica, Rucica, Slano, Holy Spirit, Bosana, Dubrovnik, Mali Dubrovnik, Stara Povljana and Pista beach. The clean can also be classified as coves, where many come to find peace and to get away from the hustle and bustle. It's a small pebble beach.

Interesting facts:

  • a group of North Dalmatian islands
  • 59 km in length; after Cres the longest Croatian island
  • the latitude varies from 1.5 on the north side to 9.5 km on the south
  • 250 kilometers of coastline, along the Long Island is the most indented Croatian island
  • 24 settlements, 8000 inhabitants
  • part of the island belongs to Lika-Senj and part of Zadar County
  • name originates from Roman times, Latin pagus-village

Author: S.Š. Photo credit: Sobrecroacia.com/Flickr

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