What flowers to donate

Flowers are the decoration of gardens, yard decorations, flats and a touch of color that nature gives us. Flowers have always had special meanings and have been bestowed on special occasions as a symbolic message. Today, there is almost no occasion that goes by without flowers, we give it away for birthdays, funerals, weddings, Valentines, anniversaries, graduations and other beautiful and sad days that we want to mark in a special way.

But not every flower is given on every occasion, nor on every person. In addition to being aware of the symbolism that certain flowers mean, you are also mindful of the color as well as the number of flowers. The cemetery is said to carry an even number of flowers while an odd number goes to the house and gift.

There are various interpretations of the meaning of flowers and their symbolism, and these are some of the main meanings.

  • Mimosa - friendship
  • Agapant - secret love
  • Anemone - abandonment
  • Azalea - first love, moderation
  • Caladium - great luck and respect
  • Camelia - red - sublime, white - graceful
  • Carnation - Red - my heart longs for you, pink - I'll never forget you, purple - whimsy, striped - I can't be with you, white - innocence, yellow - disappointment
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Fern - fascination, don't forget me, true love
  • Gardenia - you are lovely
  • Lily - orange, brindle - health, pride, white - it is divine to be with you
  • Magnolia - love of nature
  • Mirta - home, love
  • Narcissus - Respect, you're the only one
  • Orchid - beauty, refinement
  • Rose - love
  • Rose - burgundy - unconscious love, dark red - shyness, Rose - perfect happiness, white - I am worthy, yellow - jealousy, White and red - togetherness
  • Stephanotis - happiness in marriage
  • Tulip - glory, red - declaration of love

Whatever flowers you choose as a gift, you do not always need to be guided by their symbolism, it is important to know that the person you are buying those flowers likes and is able to take care of them if there are live flowers.

Live flowers require some care and knowledge, but are longer than cut flowers and the longer we can enjoy the colors, scent and decoration it provides to the space. Cut flowers can be dried, thus extending his life and the memory he carries with him as a message. Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion and do not be afraid to choose flowers.

Author: J.S., Photo: Zina Seletskaya / Shutterstock

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