What foods are best for the skin

Changes in the skin, hair and nails create stress, physical exertion, hormone fluctuations and genetic predisposition. Below, we bring you some of the foods that will help with the inevitable changes to your body.


  1. Having dry skin means you lack vitamins E and A and need to eat foods such as nuts, seeds, blue fish and green leafy vegetables.
  2. Reddish and oily skin will develop if you lack vitamin B and zinc, and to help it, you should consume red beans, blue rye, red meat, parmesan cheese, oysters and liver.
  3. If your skin is peeling and cracking on your lips, you are deficient in Vitamin B12, which you can make up for by eating lean meats, low fat dairy products, avocados, green leafy vegetables, sesame, blue fish, whole grains and flax and pumpkin seeds.
  4. In case you are satisfied with your skin, the only thing that bothers you is cracking the skin in the corners of your lips means that you lack iron, vitamins B6 and B2, which you can make up for by consuming dairy products, eggs, whole grains, meat, green leafy vegetables and red meat.
  5. Skin that peels on the scalp may be the result of a fungal infection, or only occurs while under stress, you can treat it by adding two drops of tea tree oil to a mild shampoo, and avoid consuming spicy and hot foods, drinking champagne and white wine.


  1. For healthy and beautiful hair, consume foods such as garlic, beans, nuts, beets, ginger, onions, young onions, sesame seeds, whole grains, trout, celery, salmon and seaweed.
  2. Breakfast protein like low-fat cheese combined with pears, apples and bananas.
  3. Do not smoke For thick and firm hair, consume foods such as seeds, blue fish, and nuts.
  4. Eat less deep-fried and salty foods.


  1. For healthy and beautiful pink nails, drink alcohol and coffee moderately.
  2. Drink lots of fruit juices made from carrots, apples or cucumbers.
  3. For the flow of energy, consume black grapes and berries.
  4. Consume cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli to shine your nails.
  5. Nails love foods like legumes and vegetables.
  6. To keep your nails nice, drink less sodas.
  7. For thin and brittle nails, consume Group B vitamins.
  8. Eat blue fish at least once a week.

Now that we've found out which foods are best to consume for your skin, hair and nails, all you have to do is stick to it and you'll see results soon.

Author: A.Z., Photo: Robyn Mackenzie / Shutterstock

Eating Your Way To Healthy Skin | Living Healthy Chicago (May 2022)