What health effects certain spices have

Spices are especially important for the diet because they allow a little salt to be taken in and even the salt to be omitted without the food losing its flavor. This is especially important for kidney patients or people suffering from high pressure. Many think that spices cause thirst, but this is not true if used in reasonable quantities.

Too often salt is used, which, in truth, is beneficial to health, but only if moderately used. We thirst for too much salt and drink too much water. Salt binds water in the body, so this excess water loads the bloodstream, disrupts the metabolism and increases weight. Therefore, be moderate in salting your meals.

ANISE is effective against cough because it helps to relieve spasms and mucus.

basil acts soothing to the stomach.

cHILI (dried pepper) revives the bloodstream but should be used with caution as it is very sharp.

ANETHUM GRAVEOLENS prevents bloating and promotes digestion.

ESTRAGON causes appetite.

DILL is an inflatable agent, especially in the form of tea.

GARLIC prevents sclerosis, lowers blood pressure, destroys bacteria and protects against boiling.

KIM or KUMIN strengthens the stomach and intestines and promotes digestion. Helps with bloating and cramping of the stomach.

LAUREL makes heavy meals more digestible.

marjoram serves to spice up all heavy meals; promotes digestion and helps with diarrhea.

HORSERADISH promotes urination and prevents boiling in the intestines.

PEPPER promotes metabolism, saliva production and thus digestion.

PARSLEY contains a lot of Vitamin C, causes urination and has a beneficial effect on digestion.

ROSEMARY calms the heart and nerves, stimulates the metabolism.

MUSTARD helps to make meat and meat products easier to digest and promotes bile production.

MOTHER'S SOUL is an excellent natural soothing agent, relieves cramps and promotes digestion.

BOROVICA helps with lack of appetite, heartburn and bloating; causes urination.

BOW stimulates the work of the stomach and intestines, prevents intestinal boiling.

Using Herbs and Spices to Improve Your Health (May 2022)