What housework does every boyfriend need to know and why

Times are changing and women are becoming more emancipated, so men should learn a lot from working alone. If your mom is still cleaning the room and ironing the shirts, it's time to change that.

Namely, it will be time for some of you to go to high school or college somewhere else. And there will be no mom to save in crisis situations! Plus, when you get married, you can't expect a future wife to do everything for you.

That is why the teenage period is best to learn the basic things for survival that a modern young man needs to know!


You will surely blow it and say it is not something special. But then why do you have piles of dust on your monitor or piles of old stuff under your bed? Cleanliness is half health and as you take care of your hygiene, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the living space.

So put the cloth in your hands, switch on the vacuum cleaner and go. And when you live in a student or student dorm or a rented apartment, you will need to have a cleaning habit. It is best to do this once a week and then you will have everything under control. You don't want every girl you bring to a pig out of your room to escape after your first visit?


Fried or boiled egg, tea, soup or baked steak. You don't need to be as skilled at cooking as that rat from the animated hit 'Juhuhu', but you need to know some basics. Clean to survive when you're alone because you can't expect to always have the money to eat something outside, and fast food and sandwiches aren't a healthy option anyway.

Therefore, if you do not already know how to cook, watch your mother or grandmother next time and learn something.

And yes, one more thing - don't forget to do the dishes. If you feel sick, remember that a dirty dishwasher that stays clean for several days spreads a horrible, sour smell you don't want to feel.


Many guys get the most out of it. Hand to heart, ironing is not a favorite activity for girls either, but some things just have to be learned. Ironing a shirt or jeans is another thing that you should master because you never know when you will only have to rely on your strength and go for a date, for example, and in your closet you only have wrinkled clothes.

It will go a little harder at first, but after three or four irons everything will be OK.

Button sewing

You may prefer to change your shirt if you drop a button on one. But what about your best shirt, the one that looks best on you? It is because of these situations that he should learn to sew a button.

Operating the washing machine

And laundry is an important item in life - it is essential that it is clean and well washed. These washing machine buttons may seem like a big science to you, but once you master them, you will realize that they are not.

Also, it's important to know and sort your underwear - colorful with colorful, white with white - because you certainly don't want your white T-shirt to suddenly turn pink because of, for example, a red towel that happened to be in white clothes.

Relationship Reboot: Men And Housework (May 2022)