What if a partner does not want a child

In any relationship, there comes a time when one of the partners, or at best both partners, wants to raise their relationship to a higher level. By higher level we mean marriage, cohabitation or family reunification. When it comes to family rewards, this is one of the most beautiful decisions, but also the most important! But what if one partner wants a baby and the other doesn't?

It is women who are more prone to children than their partners. Of course, this is not always the case, but in most cases it is. If this is the scenario in your relationship, you should know that you should not force a partner on a child until he or she is fully prepared for it. If the partner gives in to your wish and is not sure if he wants it, he cannot end well, and then these problems will surface.

For a couple to have a baby, the desire should be mutual, and both partners should have the desire to raise the child. If this is not the case for you, do not worry, you just have to be patient, and in no way should you press your partner for what he does not want.

If you want a baby, whether it is your first or second child, you simply need to tell it openly to your partner. Let him know how you feel and what you would like, but also be careful not to tell him that way so that he feels you are forcing him into something.

If your conversation is going in a quarrel, stop it immediately! This is not a topic you should argue about, and you as a woman should accept that men need a little more time to make a bigger step in their lives.

Also, if you, too, are not entirely sure whether you want a child and are ready for the responsibility that the child brings for the rest of their lives, then wait a little longer. Only when you get a true big wish, which will not be a little bit of a doubt, then the right time is sure.

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I want to have a baby.... but my partner doesn't (May 2022)