What is the best tail for your face shape

Your length of hair is enough to do a lot of work with it and style your hair whatever you think. There are a variety of hairstyles, and the most popular ones you can do at home are a high ponytail or a ponytail and a low tail. Did you know how to choose hairstyles according to face shape?

It doesn't matter if you decide on a ponytail or a ponytail if it doesn't fit with your face shape. As there is makeup that you choose according to your face shape and skin color, so there are hairstyles whose selection will depend on what suits you best and what will make you a seductive woman.

Before you start doing your hairstyle, check your form once more and indulge in the simplest hairstyles. If you have a round face, try wearing the tail by lifting it higher. The height of the tail will help balance the over-prominent roundness of your face.

Watch the video and make an imaginative tail.

If you want to lengthen your face a bit, you can play around with your hair and, in addition to the high-lifted tail, soak the front of your hair. You will get the volume you want so much and you will beautify your face and show only its benefits.

Do you have an oval face? All women with the mentioned shape are really lucky because they can wear their tail any way they want. A ponytail or high tail or combination and a lowered tail. Everything is allowed because you have a face shape that supports a variety of hairstyles.

See how to fold the tail to the side.

There is also a cute face like the famous actress Reese Whitterspoon. A cute face means you have a narrow beard and a wide forehead. Do what this gorgeous actress did, too, which is a combination of medium-height tails and bangs strewn across her forehead.

Strong facial features mean that we are talking about a square face. Before tying your tail, curl your hair and tie the tail by leaving one strand on each side. This will soften the sharp lines of your face.

All women with accentuated cheekbones and beard have a diamond-shaped face and should not lick their hair but gently soak it in the front. Keep your tail medium height.

Depending on the shape of your face, you will then dress up and create a dream hairstyle that will highlight your strengths and hide any flaws.

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