What is the greatest fear of pregnant women

The three biggest fears of every pregnant woman are the fear of a possible miscarriage in the first three months, the fear of childbirth itself, and ultimately the fear of adequate care for the baby. Each pregnant woman has fears at one point in her pregnancy, in the firstborn and in those who have already given birth.

I cannot avoid fear, he is a normal occurrence. First-born babies have fear because they do not know what is waiting for them, while women who give birth have the same fear of childbirth given that they have already passed. In addition, they fear that they will balance the harmony of the family with the arrival of another baby.

If you are in great fear, console yourself that you are not alone. Most pregnant women feel that way. There are a lot of emotions in you and you don't know how to control them. You're not the only one, your hormones go wild, and therefore your emotions. Try to control anxiety because it is not good for you or your child.

In the beginning, every pregnant woman is disturbed by the fear of miscarriage. This is justified fear, because the first three months are critical for every pregnant woman. Abortions usually occur due to chromosomal disorders and cannot be prevented.

After the 12th week of pregnancy, there is less chance of miscarriage, so most women finally start enjoying their pregnancy. After the initial fear, there is a fear of childbirth itself, fear of possible anomalies, fear of responsibility…

Most pregnant women have a great fear of childbirth, and this cannot be prevented but can be alleviated. You should prepare yourself mentally for childbirth and try to control your thoughts. Make childbirth a challenge.

It is necessary to learn the stages of childbirth and at the very thought of it, feel empowered. When labor begins, it is good to bathe in warm water and sit comfortably and keep an eye on the distance between the labor. In these moments, it is important to think positively and to let yourself into the hands of the professional staff.

The pregnant woman should be comforted by the fact that she will soon see her baby and that the agony will end. The mother's feelings are already beginning to appear in the woman, which makes her feel safe.

During pregnancy, you should relax as much as possible, prepare on time, wash your goods and slowly prepare everything for your baby. The last days shall pass in sweet anticipation.

Author: M.S., Photo: Jose Torres / free images

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