What issues to consider before marriage and marriage

Unfortunately, more and more couples are getting married without first questioning themselves and their better half whether they are ready for that big step. What questions do you need to consider before marriage and marriage?


Before getting married, you should talk to your partner seriously about finances, because in most cases, lack of money causes problems. If you are aware that your parents are unable to help you if your financial situation becomes complicated, explore some new options. Perhaps the best option is to wait with your life together until you have a better job, at least one of you.


If you or your partner is still educated, ask yourself if receiving one can give you a decent lifestyle. It's the same situation if you are both currently working, but you have plans to enroll in a course or college.

Joint business

Arrange homework and share tasks. We believe that you do not want to live the role of a housewife all your life and that you sometimes want to take time for yourself.


Talk about plans for the future. Do you want to have children and when and how many children you will have. There is a possibility that your life goals may not match.


Sexuality is also one of the must-have topics before marriage. If you have completely different thoughts about sex, you might want to seriously consider whether you want to spend the rest of your life with your current partner. If your partner does not meet your sexual needs, you will probably start looking for another man at one point and problems will build up one after the other.


It is quite normal that you will not have time for marriage in your marriage, as was the case until you were married. However, even after marriage, friendships should be maintained on a regular basis. What does your better half think about that?


It would be a good idea for you to decide on family extension together. It happens that one of the partners is not ready to take such a step, while the other does not stop to think about it.

50 MUST-ASK Questions Before Marriage (May 2022)