What kind of clothes every girl or woman should have in her closet

There are some clothing items and footwear that every girl and woman who holds to herself must have in her wardrobe so that she can be said to be "fashion conscious". There are several, so it is best to start in a row…

Black suit

A classic black suit is a casual fabric, usually worn in the office, but can be worn in parts or at a party after work. To make the transition from daytime to evening look, start by changing your evening shoes, fashion accessories and T-shirt.

Black leather shoes

For the greatest variety, buy black leather shoes so called. Pumps with 5 cm heels. They are always stylish and go with pants and skirts

White shirt

The shiny white stretchy cotton shirt is very practical. You can wear it in the office with a suit, or occasionally with jeans. It fits with any color and is easy to match with accessories.

A pair of diamond earrings (or at least something like diamonds)

Buy them big or small - they look great in any shape. Such earrings immediately add glamor and make them feel like a queen.

Waist jacket to the knee

You can wear this jacket with skirts, pants and jeans. Buy it with a single button clasp and a neutral color.

Jeans in your size

It seems impossible, but jeans can be just as perfect as comfortable. If you are like most women, you will try quite a few pairs before you come across the ones that really suit you. The best style for these pants are those cut for boots - quite side by side, but not too narrow. A low waist (about 2 cm below the navel) is the best style if you want to show your belly.

Little black dress

This dress in itself is the perfect style without any fashion accessories. Your best choice is a slightly shiny fabric. You can wear it with a daytime style jacket or add dazzling jewelry, shoes and eveningwear accessories.

Sexy lingerie

Start with a sexy bra that fits you perfectly. A real bra must lift and separate the chest. Then add panties in some crazy color or design. The thought of the underwear you wear will penetrate your mind and make you feel sexy.

Two great handbags

To complement your outfit you need a great handbag for every day in good construction, neutral color and a bit of style. You also need an evening bag with lots of sparkle that instantly adds glamor.

T - shirt with V - neckline

The v-neck T-shirt goes well with skirts, jeans, pants and Capri pants. Buy at least one quality T-shirt made of light cotton or thin silk. Make sure it is in a color that matches your clothes.

Author: S.Š. Photo by Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock