What kind of paperwork is required to register a wedding in the Republic of Croatia

First of all, you need to set a wedding date. Check vacancies at your home office or church! Registration at the registry office is mandatory for newlyweds who choose to attend a church wedding only. The date and time of the church rite will be arranged by the newlyweds with a competent religious official.

The registrar issues to the newlyweds a Certificate of Fulfillment of the Requirements for Marriage in Religious Form (in 2 copies). These certificates shall be valid for three months from the date of issue. On the back is a certificate filled out by a competent official of the religious community, which serves as the basis for registering the marriage in the state registry of the wedding. Arrange for a surname before visiting your home office!

To apply you need:

  • birth certificate (not older than 3 months)
  • home papers or other proof of citizenship
  • foreign nationals must also submit a free marriage certificate
  • ID cards of the newlyweds and godfathers (godfathers must be of legal age)
  • The registration fee is 300 kuna, as is the cost of a church wedding. Religious communities are seeking community membership certificates. Bridal courses are also often organized. Make arrangements for a church wedding rehearsal.

Family law provides for the possibility of marrying outside the office. This means additional costs, so a 10% of the gross salary per employee in the Republic of Croatia (currently around HRK 450.00) is paid for a wedding at a place 10 km away from the headquarters of the registry office, and over 10 km - 20% of the same base. You pay an additional 10% for the "morning time" (8am to 4pm), or 20% for the time from 4pm to 8pm, and 30% for a wedding between 8pm and 10pm, 00 hours. On Sundays and holidays, the previous amount is increased by 100%. The exception is if such a rite is required for health reasons - the stated amounts are reduced by 50%. Here's an opportunity to get your dream wedding at the location of your choice.

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