What love delusions should be ignored

Don't waste your time waiting for the right person to appear in your life ... Try to spend the best time, even with a few wrong ones !!! We are giving you some of the fallacies of being in love so that you do not fall for such a thing.


Wrong! It's almost impossible to love just once. The truth is that love is different just like the person you are experiencing it with. Well, sometimes we drop a tear after someone or just relax with the old company, but we are quickly overwhelmed by the magic of new flirting. And again, there are those strange tingles that overwhelm us at the beginning of every relationship… And the adrenaline starts…


How many times have we heard a sentence like this. It seems that we are prone to a relationship where there is no suffering to declare “so ordinary”, so we break it or deliberately bring it into suffering in order to become “juicy”. And now a tip: don't bother with such romantic outbursts because love has nothing to do with pain and suffering (as well as life) !!!


Don't believe this !! A person can only change if they choose to do so and if they really want to.

The first love lasts forever

Haha… don't believe this either !! First love lasts as long as it lasts. No matter how strong it is, it doesn't have to last forever. Maybe after all the possible flirting, drunkenness and the like, we remember best those very beginnings and first love ...


Yes, yes, and where is the experience? Isn't that necessary anymore for sex to be good? And another misconception - love and sex are not one and the same. People who do not like can have great sex and vice versa - those who love can be dissatisfied !!! Sex is a skill and is gained through exercise and exercise alone…

3 Delusions Hurting Women's Chances For Love (May 2022)