What love rules can you break

It must have happened to you many times that a drought prevailed on your love plan, you could hardly wait for someone to catch your breath. And that is why, if two or three good opportunities have finally hit you, you have every right to go to more than one date in the same week and look at the situation, compare, have a good time and finally decide - who is the winner.


Multiple connections at a time? Forbidden? Not anymore!


Anything! There are no rules in this regard. When you feel the time is right to say those two magic words, say them! Believe me, it's never the wrong time and you'll never be wrong if you "love you" when you say it first.

Plus, you know best when the time is right, whether your loved one will reciprocate and whether he loves you the way you love her. In short - there is no rule as to who will utter those two magic words before!

Couples MUST ALWAYS spend time together

No way! Whether you are in a relationship or not, you always deserve some time for yourself, but also your loved one. Everyone has the right to his or her privacy, to go out with friends and to engage in normal activities while in a relationship.

So remember, couples do not always have to be together, moreover it is advisable to engage in ordinary activities, go out with other friends and not neglect them.


The golden rule of any friendship- do not date your ex / your boyfriend! If it was a long relationship, love like a fairy tale, then it is of course forbidden.

If it's a short relationship, a passing adventure, a regular shave or something, then talk to your friend about whether he or she might mind going out with his ex. Only when you place all the cards on the table and when you will be 100% sure that your friend and you will not be bothered will it be put into action!


If the first date is a logical sequence of a long courtship, a long friendship in which sparks flutter every day, then a first kiss is definitely desirable at the first date. If you went out on the first date shortly after you met, kissing is again a completely normal thing on your first date.

But if you don't know each other for a long time, examine the terrain during the match and find out what else thinks. You'd be surprised, but many people think that kissing is out of the question at the first date.

Breaking All The Rules (May 2022)