What mistakes do girls and women have to avoid if they hold on to their beauty

If you want to have a lighter hair color and your eyebrows are naturally dark, you have nothing left to do but also color your eyebrows. Otherwise, you'll look older, and we're sure you don't want to. Plus, you get the impression of a person who doesn't care about their appearance.

Dark face and pale body

When applying a darker powder on your face, never forget to apply it to your neck and neckline. The head and the body are one unit and never separate them.

A brighter concealer

A brighter concealer won't hide pimples, and your eyebrows will come out more than usual. Always use a color concealer or darker shade.

Too long nails

Long nails reveal a person without style, especially if they are not groomed. Even when you coat them with polish, you won't look attractive. Never nibble on nails as they are not particularly attractive, especially to the male eye.

Huge silicone mouth

There are more and more women with huge silicone mouths, however rare are the ones that look attractive. Women with silicone lips are very similar, and the imperative of good style is individuality.

Eyebrows too thin

Admittedly, eyebrows should not be left too tight, but at the same time, they should not be too thin. A thin-eyed woman looks at least ten years older.

Damaged hair

For a woman to be attractive, her hair must not be dry, damaged or blond. The total out is blond hair and overly tousled complexion.

Too much quartz

With too many solariums, the complexion loses its freshness and radiance, and such skin looks more disastrous than one with excessive makeup. If you want to avoid the unnatural olive-gray hue of your skin, use the solarium in moderation.

Height greater than a few inches

When you decide to dye your hair, do it regularly. Outgrowth gives the impression of a messy person whose appearance is the last thing in the world to think about. So if you want to look good, color your hair in shades of your natural hair.

Too many mascara

With too much mascara you will bring your eyes to the fore, but in a completely wrong way. Avoid sticky lashes full of lumps in a wide circle.

Deleted lipstick

If you put dark lipstick on your lips, have it repaired regularly. It should be noted that it is not particularly decent to repair a lipstick in a public place. Things like this are done in the toilet.

The smell of the body

The smell of sweat and cigarette smoke on clothing, for example, should not be allowed in a public place, especially if you have an important appointment. Before leaving the house, be sure to take a shower and apply deodorant.

Non-distilled earrings

Waxing straps are really not expensive, so don't let your earrings look messy. It will look even more unattractive if you apply an extra layer of powder to it.

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