What questions do you have to ask yourself before marriage and marriage?

Most couples are more concerned with the organization of the wedding before the wedding than with those around living together. Most women are focused on choosing a wedding dress, makeup, hairstyle, shoes and other details. Many forget that before the wedding itself, they should actually think about issues related to living together and having a future husband. If you, too, find yourself in this situation, stop for a moment before the ceremony itself, answer the following questions.

Minimize the experience surrounding a wedding organization

Most women experience chaos and stress after saying "yes". Future youth are obsessed with dresses and details, all planned one year in advance. The wedding industry has grown so much that once they start organizing, they forget about everything else. One has to get on the ball, because although it is nice to have the tiniest detail planned, the wedding itself lasts for one day, while the rest of your life is spent with the man you are marrying. Throughout the organization, your focus should be on your future husband, not the dress you will wear one day.

Passion must exist

Studies show that a large number of women enter marriage without passion. It is either in long-term relationships where there is a lack of passion or in a relationship with a partner who understands them and is good and dear. If you're unhappy with the relationship right now, the wedding won't change anything. Women who are unhappy because there is no attraction in the relationship, over time, risk that the passion will end completely and stay in the relationship without sex. You have to be attractive to your partner, because without that, there is no good connection. If the attraction doesn't exist at the beginning, it certainly won't be later.

Your partner must also be a friend

We all wear pink glasses in the relationship and don't think about problems. But then they will come to light. You will have to deal with issues such as loans, child-rearing and many others where you will need to find a common language. If you can't talk about serious topics with your future spouse, you run the risk of breaking the relationship in the face of the challenges that are imminent and that follow.

For a happy relationship, keep your freedom

Many find that once they get married, they have to become one. To think as one and always go to the same places. They think if they don't think so that they don't love each other enough or that they are wrong about something. But many studies to date do the exact opposite. In order to maintain a quality and happy relationship, a person must retain their independence and freedom. Don't give up on your hobbies and cultivate friendships. Always find time for yourself, and expect the same from your partner.

There is always the possibility of a divorce

Although many happy couples do not think about divorce, it may be a topic you will deal with in the future. Always be aware that there is a risk of divorce because then you will be able to appreciate what you have and will invest in your relationship and life together.

Children can never make marriage better

Although some may think that children can help a relationship and a relationship, it is actually a total opposite. Raising children is demanding and involves a lot of care and great effort. Once the children come, you will have less time for the two of you because you will put all your energy and effort into the children who bring about a new dimension of love, profitable and a lot of compromise. You are no longer the most important of the two of you, but these little beings who make your life richer and different. If you decide to start a family, know that it's not as pink as it looks in the photos of your friends who have children. Children will not solve problems in the relationship, and many couples go away.

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