What relationships and guys to avoid

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship and finally thought he was the Taj, the Prince on the White Horse, Faca or the One? But after a while, you started to notice some already known problems. You no longer trust him, you think he is seeing another, he does not give you enough attention, he forgets the arrangements, he is late and he does not care about your relationship.

To avoid such guys and relationships generally read our tips:

Poor connection at the very beginning

You've only been dating for a few weeks, and you're already wondering:

  • Why doesn't he call more often, why don't you see each other more often?
  • Worried because you think she's seeing another?
  • You feel sad and disappointed when he doesn't call, and he says be and let him know you're sad, crying, shouting ...

These are all signs that you need to end this relationship as soon as possible, but before attempting to use these few tips:

ADVICE: Guys are not at all like girls, they do not analyze every word, every movement, every little thing. The girls do just that. Don't expect much at first, give him plenty of space, let him examine the terrain.

This relationship is just like new to you, he doesn't know how to act or think. Therefore, it is best to see you at most twice a week for the first few weeks, not to send each other 100 messages a day, to begin with, even reduce phone calls to a minimum. That way you won't get bored and you have nothing to worry about because you will behave like him. After a month, feel free to bring up the topic of more frequent sightings and more frequent telephone conversations, then you will find out what you are up to.


You are often together, you like each other, you are viciously attracted to each other, you kiss each other until you are out of breath and you really want to finally get "that yours" a title called BINDING!
Definitely a reason to quit! If he has never introduced you as his girlfriend, you feel awful, playful and less valuable.

ADVICE: Still, try to talk about it, ask him why he doesn't want to say he has a girlfriend, if you really like him that much. Set an ultimatum for him, if he does not soon clear up with himself whether he considers you his girlfriend or not, you immediately end that undefined relationship.

He will probably be so scared that he will not lose you that he will immediately resolve all his doubts and realize that all he wants is for you to be his girlfriend.


Some kind of statusless relationship, only much worse. There is no feeling here, you do not like each other as a person, you are just viciously attracted to each other and only come when it is necessary.

There is no other advice here except "run your head no matter"! Relationships like this never end well, you can only be hurt if you realize that you started to like him and fall in love with him and there is no "feedback" from him!


You often think about making your relationship better:

  • If you just admit how much he really loves you?
  • When would you not live that far?
  • When would you leave your girlfriend?

If you've ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, it means that he never confessed your feelings, has a girlfriend, and you're the one who cheats on his real girlfriend, lives far away and doesn't even contact you, and your relationship is based only on those few times a year when he comes to your city.

Be sure to break this relationship if you are "the Other". No one deserves to be "the other", and at least you. You are wonderful, young, successful, beautiful and deserving of the best, so break that relationship, which is essentially just an apparent relationship. Go out with the girls, jump in and meet someone you care about most.

If you live away from each other, keep in mind that such a connection can only be maintained by the most persistent, and they are really rare. If you constantly question yourself when he is out there with you, it means that you do not trust him and it is best to stop before you are madly in love and before you are madly in love.


You know he's not the right guy for you, but you're afraid of being alone because you can't live differently than with someone. She would even break up with him, but at the very thought that she might end up with someone like him again, who is possessive, jealous, a member of some bad company, you don't know what to think and you start blaming yourself because you feel it's your fault that you are attracting just such guys?

Stop with him and start working on yourself. Make sure from day to day, from morning to morning, that you are a wonderful person who deserves love and all the best, that you deserve a wonderful boyfriend who will love you more than anything and who will be most important to you.For a start, try to be alone for at least a month or two without a boyfriend.

Make sure life without a boyfriend can be an ideal time to learn something new about yourself and gain enough confidence to attract only the ideal boyfriends.

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