What should be the distance between births?

Due to the health of the mother and the child, a two-year interval is recommended. Children born at shorter intervals are at greater health risk than other children.

It takes the mother's body two years to recover from pregnancy, childbirth and the care of a young child. The mother must be given time to recover her body and restore strength for re-pregnancy and childbirth. When the gap is less than two years, the child is more likely to be born prematurely or of lower birth weight.

Premature babies and children of low birth weight (less than 2500 g) are at increased risk of death in the first year of life, greater morbidity and impaired growth and development.

Birth of a smaller child, if the gap between the birth of children is less than 2 years, and the older child carries increased health risks - early breastfeeding ceases, parental care is more focused on the younger child and the elderly loses appropriate care and supervision, the risk of illness and injury increases. so all this can affect the growth and development of the child.

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