What things do not belong in the refrigerator

All the essentials (except butter, margarine, fat, oil, etc.), honey, marmalade, no fruit (in any case bananas!), Cheese that has yet to mature, such as Camembert. Neither can is a place here, as it might even rust due to the moisture in the fridge. Only those cans that cannot be stored for a long time and must be stored in the cold belong to the refrigerator.

Those who store mushrooms or mushroom dishes also make mistakes. Put fresh mushrooms, which will only be used the next day after you have bought or harvested them, in a salad basket or strainer and place in a cool shady place. Good refrigerated edible mushrooms will soon spoil the moisture in the refrigerator, and never store mushrooms for more than a day. You should not heat mushroom leftovers anyway.


The food in the refrigerator should not be kept for too long, because the bacteria do not rest in the refrigerator, so the stored food is easily spoiled. Open cans or canned residues should always be transferred to porcelain, glass or plastic containers (this also applies to condensed milk), but even then the shelf life in the refrigerator is limited to two days (fish cans only one day) and up to a maximum of four days . It is best to wrap vegetables, salad and asparagus in moist cloths to stay fresh. The beef will become particularly soft if placed in a pan and drizzled with oil. Be sure to keep food and food leftovers as short as possible in the refrigerator, as long-term storage necessarily compromises the quality of the food.

REMARK: The air in the refrigerator must be cleaned from time to time by placing containers of hot milk in the refrigerator, but then it is no longer for use.

SMART Table Activity - What doesn't belong in the Refridgerator (May 2022)