What things should not be kept

Each home discovers everything about its hostess, who maintains, tidies it and saves it. But there are things that experts advise, which one should not have in your home. What are the items and why they should not be kept is given below. In order to enjoy your home as much as possible, you need to free up space from unnecessary things.

No home should be decorated with artificial flowers. Artificial flowers give the message that it is over with you and that your ships have sunk. Artificial flowers send a message to your guests that you have given up everything and that you no longer have the power to do anything. Leave artificial flowers for the cemetery.

Messages on the walls, especially those that are framed and that send messages like one is life, you can do it, etc. are actually messages of encouragement, which means that the person is very lonely and needs company and help.

The collection of your toys will drive away all members of the opposite sex. You may love these toys, but it's really time to get rid of them. The toys are intended for childhood and must remain there if you want to move on with your life.

Pets are wonderful creatures, and there are fewer and fewer people who do not like them, but filling the walls in their home with pictures of pets is too much. However beautiful they may be, there is a limit.

What things still need to be stored? Furniture that does not fit in your home is only permissible if you have it in one or at most two pieces, if the colors of the furniture and the walls are not aligned, it does not look pretty. Understand that less is more.

Never redecorate your home in too much pink. Too many pink details in your home can seem pretentious, which is not pretty. Such an arrangement does not harmonize the male feminine energy, so it is difficult to get a man into a home like this.

Keep cosmetic products in your home only in the places provided for them, such as your bathroom. There is no need for your home to be a repository of beauty products at every corner and for all guests to have an insight into what you are using.

It is good to create a schedule and with the help of it the organization will be even better and the living space will look perfect.

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5 things that should not be kept in bedroom (May 2022)