What things women should never share

How many times have it happened that you asked your friend to lend you lipstick because you forgot yours, or did your friend ask you to lend her hand cream because she didn't bring her own? Surely this has happened to you several times, but did you know that some things are not wise to share?

Many women are not even aware that many of their harmless rituals can put them in a position to begin to experience certain problems. Bacterial transmission is just one part of the story, and there is more to it that you should at least think about before doing what you think is normal.

Many studies have been conducted on this topic, which have proven that sharing certain items can lead to an allergic reaction, skin disease, or viral inflammation. Think carefully, as the following is some interesting information about items that only you should use.

Hand cream is on the list, as it has been shown that there is a large amount of dirt in the opening that can be transferred. When you stop the tube from exiting the tube by contouring the skin, you risk the transmission of many bacteria.

Avoid sharing deodorant, and that's what roll on is all about. It can leave drops of sweat on the skin filled with bacteria and fungi. One of the favorite items that friends love to share is earrings. Earrings should be avoided, as they contain a large amount of bacteria and mucus residue secreted by the skin in the open hole.

The hair brush is a big no. You certainly don't want to have a problem with dandruff, and if so then avoid sharing brushes with your girlfriends. It is possible that one of them has dandruff, and it is known that once you get it, it can be difficult to get rid of that nasty sub-tenant later.

Mascara, blush brushes and lipstick are all cosmetics you keep for yourself and forget about sharing. Don't forget the headphones you use to listen to music. They should in no way be shared and therefore should only be yours. Do not distribute snacks or razors. A lot of bacteria can also accumulate here, and rarely do people disinfect snacks.

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