What types of coughs are there

In order to overcome the cough, you should get to know him well. It would be good to know what kind of cough there is and how it occurs so that it can be treated properly and effectively. Cough is the most common reason for going to the doctor, but only 60% of coughs find the true cause.

The cough actually creates a protective reflex that prevents foreign bodies and dust from entering the respiratory tract, but as such, the cough can cause a variety of viruses and infections.

Meet several types of coughs

Chronic tickling cough it does not produce mucus, but you feel as if mucus is pouring down your throat, and it may seem like you have a lump in your throat. The cause of chronic cough is mucus that flows down the throat and becomes dense during allergies, flu or colds. You can treat it with nasal drops, which will give you immediate relief by reducing puffiness in the nose.

Spasmodic cough is a painful cough caused by bronchitis. A spasmodic cough tickles the throat and can sometimes trigger vomiting. Causes of this type of cough are drugs that are consumed for high blood pressure. You can avoid it by taking alternative medicines for lowering pressure.

Intermittent and painful cough most often it occurs in the morning and produces greenish and yellowish mucus. This type of cough is painful, and its most common cause is acute bronchitis. You need to rest and consume plenty of fluid to treat this type of cough.

Dry cough with shortness of breath causes asthma. You can treat it with inhalers that will open the airways and make breathing easier.

Chronic dry cough is a persistent dry cough that never goes away. Doctors cannot explain the cause of chronic dry cough, and you can treat it with antihistamines.

Painful cough with loss of breath is a persistent cough that is accompanied by shortness of breath. His symptoms are loss of appetite, coughing up blood, dull and sharp pain in the lungs when you cough and breathe, and weight loss. The cause of this type of cough is lung cancer, but sometimes it can be pneumonia. You can treat it with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Dry cough like barking is accompanied by heavy breathing, and occurs at night. It occurs most commonly after a cold, flu or respiratory infection. Dry cough causes increased inflammation of the airways. You can treat it with lozenges with a strong aroma and inhalation of hot water with a few drops of menthol.

You should see a doctor if you have been coughing for more than eight weeks, and then only an x-ray will be able to detect what is actually happening in your body. If you have coughs and symptoms such as coughing up blood, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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