What unnecessary clothes from the closet you need to get rid of

Sorting clothes and saying goodbye to some pieces that just take our precious place can be stressful. The fact is that we go shopping more often for new clothes than we do for organizing and cleaning closets, so often we end up with closets full of clothes. In order to have a neat wardrobe and make room for things to really wear, it’s time to throw out the following outfit pieces.

Too much or too little clothing

Separate or small pieces of clothing that are too big or too small for you who you think might wear them. Even if you are trying to lose or gain a few pounds, it is not worth saving. Once you reach your goal, you can reward yourself by buying new clothes that will fit your new figure.

Blanket clothes

If you really like this piece of clothing but can't wear it because of the stain, try cleaning it with one of the stubble removers or take your clothes to a nearby cleaning station. If they can't even get the stain out, then you'll still have to give up that piece of clothing.

Worn and torn clothes

Old and worn pajamas, bras, sweatpants, or yellow t-shirts do not make sense in the closet. What you can turn into dust cleaners and get rid of debris.

The clothes you wore once

If you have a wedding dress, prom dress, tuxedo or similar outfit that you only wore once and there is no way you will wear it again, it's time to throw it out of the closet. You may find it difficult to get rid of these garments because they have memories attached to them, but then at least save them in boxes and leave them in another place. If you have photos or shots of you wearing these clothes, you might consider donating those clothes to someone who might create new memories in them.

Old clothes that you think will be fashionable again

This is the worst reason to keep your clothes clean. It can take years before that outfit is back in fashion (if it comes back at all).

Clothing you can't combine

You may have a skirt you love, but you can't find a shirt that fits her or vice versa. When organizing and cleaning your wardrobes, separate your clothes in groups and whatever you cannot combine with the clothes you have to give to someone or sell. In addition, torn pieces such as gloves, socks and similar items should also be thrown out of the wardrobe as these are things that are easily replaceable, so it makes no sense to keep them in the closet.

Clothes from "young" days

You certainly haven't worn high school or college apparel for a very long time, and they take your place in the closet. It's time to get rid of them and make room for the clothes you're really going to wear.

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