What wedding dress models are there

A wedding dress can be a plain dress maybe enriched by a late fashion accessory or a simple set just like Carrie did in the movie Sex and the City. There are almost no rules, the only rule that applies, and one that should be adhered to is that every bride's dress combination must satisfy herself and fit into the whole wedding story.

Depending on the idea of ​​what the wedding should be like, you as a bride will decide to choose a dress. Thanks to new fashion trends, the way of thinking in the wedding world has changed.

Dresses no longer necessarily have to be white and crinoline. Today they can be formal dresses, cocktails and asymmetrical dresses, then various sets, pants. There are many combinations, just choose.

There are various models of wedding dresses. The most popular and the most seen is certainly the A cut wedding dress. This is a model that is narrow at the waist area and then slowly lowers towards the floor in the shape of an A. The upper part can be sleeveless or with sleeves of various lengths.

The popularity of this cut is that it fits almost every body shape and conceals flaws in the best possible way. Krinolina may be a bit outdated, but that doesn't stop ladies around the world from opting for this particular model.

Krinolina is closest to the vision of the princess and the queen and made for more classic and larger weddings. It will fit girls and women about 168 cm tall, normal in structure, neither thin nor obese. It's good to know that this model is no match for the little ladies so they don't get lost in the dress.

The mermaid cut is simply magical, but unfortunately it doesn't suit every woman. Such models can be worn by tall and lean women who are not afraid to proudly highlight their line and show all their attributes.

Dresses like those worn by women from ancient Rome and Greece are perfect for expectant mothers at the very beginning of pregnancy, because the belly is the least noticeable, since the dress falls slightly over the entire length.

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