When women make mistakes in sex

When women get a little spoiled for their sex life, they immediately think of all the reasons why their partner is not good. This is because guys usually have a poor understanding of what exactly suits women and what drives them into a sex life. But you know the saying, if there is something wrong with the relationship, the culprit is never just one. And so it is in the sexual part of the relationship. We found out what sex mistakes most women make.

One of the most common mistakes women make in bed is worry about appearance. Thinking about how they look in bed can reduce the chances of having an orgasm, but also of the overall enjoyment. They should try not to think about looks and concentrate on what they are doing now, pleasure and relaxation. Men usually don't notice a single bit of what women worry about, especially if they cover it up well, which is the least of the problems for women.

Women miss the initiative, more precisely they do not want to give the impression of naughtiness and aggression, so they often do not take the first step for sex. For this reason, men feel like they are always taking the first step, and they are the ones who want to be misled the same as women, so they will gladly leave the initiative to their chosen one. Men generally think that women are less interested in sex, which is not true because there are women who are just as interested in sex as men, and some are more interested in men.

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The third mistake women make about sexual intercourse is that they cannot understand that men are sometimes not interested in sex, if this happens to women personally. It is only teenagers who are interested in sex at all times of the day and night, but this is not the case with older men. Men have day-to-day responsibilities such as family and work, and, just like women, they are tired of their daily responsibilities, so it is no surprise that they are sometimes tired and uninterested in action. This is what women should understand, not a man's fatigue, as if his love for her has ceased.

Statements like men are just about sex or sex is just a side thing, they are inaccurate and old-fashioned. For many men, sex is a very important and intimate part of a relationship that strengthens their relationship, and is very important for trust between partners. Couples who have the best sex and who practice it most often are the same couples who are married.

One of the big misconceptions in women's minds is that sex is a taboo topic. This is only because women are uncomfortable talking about such an intimate topic, and even if it has been with their partner for a long time. But it is the only way to establish a healthy sexual relationship.

It is women who have to take responsibility for their sexual intercourse, ie no man can give a perfect orgasm to a woman unless the woman takes responsibility for it. Even the best lovers cannot know what exactly suits a woman and what pleases her exactly, because every woman is different. Therefore, women, tell your men what works for you and what they do wrong, of course, being careful not to impair their confidence.

Couples who are in a long relationship have to spice things up a bit so they make something they have never been. If your man wants to try something new, it does not mean that he is no longer satisfied or that he is not satisfied with your sex life, but that he just wants a little change for the benefit of your relationship, so don't take it personally!

Try to think about what you have written and follow these tips so you can see how your sex life will improve soon.

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