Which color works best for you

Today, much of fashion rests on color, even on a very bold harmony of colors. When you buy a fabric, glue it to your face to see if its color refreshes or, on the contrary, "dampens" it. The pale blue color is well-known to blonde women. However, they are well suited to dark colors and light brown hair, but this cannot be accepted as a general rule, since it must be taken into account that there are a whole range of blond women of different shades: platinum, light-brown, golden yellow and also brown-haired - from various variants of reddish, Venetian red, mahogany, all the way to black and brown. Some colors change in the evening: certain pinks act as yellows and vice versa, and some blue as green. Therefore, the effect of evening wear and makeup should only be seen on artificial lighting.


For the day: gray asphalt, navy blue, rust color, rusty, chestnut, purple, dark ultramarine, black.

FOR EVENING: blue (in all shades), aquamarine, navy blue, teardrop green, pink in all gradations, purple, blue green, cyclamen, black a.

The dark-haired

For the day: warm brown, gray asphalt, olive green, dark purple, tobacco color, red bar color, red, beige.

FOR EVENING: all shades of yellow, red, light green, all shades of worm do not color. Delicate paste colors match nicely with dark ones, especially as details: collar, arm, tie, etc. Black and dark blue match white, with brown beige, light pink and light blue.

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