Which condom to choose

It's not uncommon for you to hear from men's mouths that they don't like condoms. To put them on, it is necessary to end the relationship briefly, the feeling is not the same, the size of the condom does not suit your sweetheart or you are allergic to it. All these are just excuses that often lead to unsafe sex. Women easily quit talking to a partner, so contraceptive care falls on their backs and they start using other means, such as pills, or more often - contraception is not used.

Condom is the most famous contraceptive and is very reliable. It is easy to use and in addition to protecting against pregnancy (because it rarely breaks), it also protects against STDs. This fact should never be ignored when it comes to oral sex. This is why condoms have different flavors.

We are not sure that it is such a problem to end the relationship for a few seconds for your partner to put on a condom. Or how you could help him. Somehow, it seems worth stopping for half a minute and continuing worrylessly, otherwise, if you do not use any protection, any sex can give you a headache until your next period. Or longer if it is a sexually transmitted disease that you may contract.

It's good to know that there are different sizes of condoms available today. In addition to universal ones, there are condoms that adjust to the size of the penis, but also XXL condoms. Their length is between 160 and 22 0 millimeters and varies in width. The width varies from 49 mm to more, and there are those whose width varies from the glans to the root of the penis, so they are more comfortable and enjoy more. It is important to choose the right size because too small a condom can rupture and an oversized condom will simply slip.

Today, there are several materials that make condoms. The most affordable are latex condoms that you can find in every store. In addition to latex, synthetic masses or animal tissue are also used. All condoms are equally successful in protecting against pregnancy, while it should be noted that those of animal origin are not as successful in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms made of polyurethane are intended for those who are allergic to latex, but also for all those who do not want to feel a change in sex without a condom. The fact is that such condoms are much thinner and therefore more comfortable for many couples. If you use condoms and lubricants, use water based ones. Oil-based lubricants damage condoms.

Keep condoms in a dry, cool place, protected from light. Always check their shelf life, and as men often know how to carry them in their wallets, it is not a good idea to check whether the packaging is physically damaged. Simply squeeze the packaging to check for air. If not, discard the packaging. When opening and placing the codom, be careful not to damage it with nails or teeth.

Together with your partner, choose the condoms that will suit you, then let your head calm in your passion for bed.

Author: Anja Jakopcevic, Photo: Flickr

How to Choose a Condom (October 2020)