Which corset to choose

You have certainly come across the term corset many times, and since it is a rather challenging sexy lingerie that has been controversial for many years and can be said for centuries. Namely, if you did not know, this is a piece of clothing whose primary purpose is to visually narrow the waist area. The word itself comes from the old French word "cors", which is nothing but a diminutive for the body.

In order not to think that wearing a corset is aimed only at fashion expressions, it can also be worn for medical purposes. This primarily refers to people who have spinal problems, either due to internal injuries that occurred in the middle of an accident, or for some other reason.

However, its use is still much more familiar in fashion, since it was once worn by women just for the reason that they look much more attractive and of course slimmer than the real picture.

It should be noted that the former corsets were much more aggressive in the sense that the women who wore them had difficulty breathing and did not feel at all comfortable. Today, of course, the situation is completely different.

Formerly the corsets were made of fish bone or steel itself, while today the workmanship depends primarily on the client's wishes, but it can be said that they are mostly plastic and steel. The purpose is still primarily aimed at visual reduction of the waist.

Today, you can come across many models in stores, depending on what you lean on. If by any chance you are more the type of sensual and passionate person you can always opt for challenging sexy lingerie, a combination of corsets with halters.

You can opt for a corset underneath a T-shirt and dress, and you can also opt for corsets as an integral part of the dress, so those who see each other. For all those who want only the visual appearance of a corset without its true purpose, there are imitations in various stores that only resemble a corset, but of course without solid materials that can make it difficult for you to breathe.

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