Which men are best to avoid

Bad men are the types of men that women fall for most. Men like that are very attractive, but they are not the best choice for a relationship. If you want a man in the long run who you will be completely happy with, we advise you to replace the bad guys with slightly different types, who are around you all the time.

Older men who are successful in their jobs are very attractive to women, but they are not the best choice, especially not in the long run. These types of men are ready to find places for you in their perfect lives, and they will take care of you and are very ambitious.

Such men want to hold all the threads in their hands, and if you completely indulge them after a while you may feel like you are in a relationship with your dad.

Instead of this type of man, choose a man who has clearly set goals in his life and with whom you can build your future together. May your choice be a man who is on the way to realizing his dreams, than a man who has already realized his dreams before you.

Muscular types of men are by far the most attractive to women, but they are prone to fights and defend theirs no matter what the circumstances and consequences. Muscular men are sexy, and you feel completely safe with them, but the sudden behavior in their blood is not exciting at all.

A long and happy relationship has no place for such outbursts, so rather replace these types of men with those who do some exciting work.

Unemployed types of men rank third in the attraction, and why are they attractive to women? Because they are not a slave to anyone and do not want to be anyone's slave, they can talk to you and deal with you long into the night without any consequences or burdens of responsibility.

This type of men is always ready to go out and have a good time, which is refreshing to many women these days. But the big disadvantage with these types of men is that they are always full of ideas, but they never do anything about ideas.

This type of man will seem ideal to you as long as the topics of money and expenses are raised, after which the woman will long for a man with a more stable financial status.

Author: A.Z., Photo: BestPhotoStudio / Shutterstock

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