Which men to avoid

What is your type of man? Do you prefer gentler guys who won't be afraid to say what they feel, or are you more interested in cool and reserved and a bit naughty guys? There are various types of men, each of whom probably has something, but the question is how much you are willing to risk being hurt.

A joke aside, but if you liked rebels who never cared about someone else's feelings, you should be aware of how you can be hurt and eventually get out of your broken heart. What are these men you should avoid?

There are few who can say that their hearts have never been broken or simply refuse to admit, and the most common reason was the wrong choice of a man. No matter how old you are, sometimes you feel like you can never learn from previous experiences.

To help you make your decision next time, here are some useful information to help you make the best decision for yourself next time.

It is not attractive when you are with someone who does not have a positive opinion of yourself, is eternally insecure and always hooks. Because of this, women fall for men confident in themselves and their every decision. It's good to one limit, but if it's a person who thinks it's smartest and the premium for everyone, it means it's a daffodil in love with themselves.

It is certainly not pleasant, nice or attractive when you hear every time you are happy to be with him and have decided to give you a chance. Such men should be avoided because having a relationship with them can do no good except that you have less and less confidence every day and you feel less valuable.

He is only romantic on the first and second dates ... It is clear what you can expect from a man who at the beginning no longer wants to put in the effort and wants to leave everything to you, seduction and romance. It's not enough to be romantic just at the beginning, women want to feel special all the time.

Men who no longer try too hard after their first intimate relationship is a sign that there was only one thing left to do. Unfortunately, if you notice this behavior you can assume that the relationship will develop.

Avoid people who want to keep you in control and who have to know where you are and what you are doing all the time.

While at the beginning of the relationship, pay attention to some of the signs and stay away from someone who is obviously not for you and will eventually be unhappy.

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