Which people to avoid

We are social beings and we love company, going out and talking to others. But people are different and their needs, wants and expectations are different. Because of this, it is very difficult to find the person who fully fits us. The older we get, the more we discover the harder it is to befriend others.

When we are younger, we grow up with other children and we accept and actually get used to other people's characters, virtues and disadvantages. But as we grow older, we somehow become less tolerant of one's flies. When a person appears in the society who does not fit us, we simply do not socialize, and if someone does not suit us, we will even avoid him. But unlike people who don't suit us in character, these are the people you should really avoid because they won't do you any good in life.


It is quite clear why abusers should be avoided, but if it is not clear yet, we will repeat it. The abuser will always find a way to harass you, whether mentally or physically. Whatever you do or don't do, he always has a reason why you are guilty of something. The bully can be anyone, it can be your partner, partner, parent, boss or someone else. If you are being harassed, do your best to get away. If necessary, seek help from specific institutions.


There is always a strange vibration coming out of the manipulator and if the person seems weird to you at first, you should believe it. They are always cheaters, cheats and liars combined. He will do anything to get what he wants from you. It can be your money, sex, status or something else. But once they get what they want, they leave you mostly with nothing and a feeling of emptiness that few people like. They will exploit you until you are opposed.


Something different than a manipulator, but no good company for you. Liars lie on every occasion about anything. To them, lying is a habit, and it is rare that you can trust them. Everything they tell you will have to be checked and you will always be asked with a question mark on your head what is true and what is not. The worst thing that can happen to you is that in company with a liar you start lying too.

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