Which soap to choose

Our skin and body require daily hygiene and maintenance. There are many skin cleansers on the market, but not every skin type is suitable. Recently, soaps have been slowly discontinued for cleansing the entire skin, possibly still being used for hand washing. Why is that so?

Soaps are substances that are extremely alkaline and after you wash them, your skin is tight and dry. Those who still use ordinary body hygiene soaps need extra care after bathing.

It is best to restore your skin's elasticity and tenderness with some body milk or oil that will moisturize the skin. It is important to keep in mind that the skin must retain moisture in order to be beautiful, moist and supple.

For those who use soaps in their daily shower, we suggest that they look at a pack of soap and make sure their soap is really good for them.

Some widely used soaps can contain up to 4000 different chemical compounds, which may not be good for your skin.

Try to find soaps that are plant-based or natural, your skin will be grateful.

If the soap packaging mentions soap colors that are numbered, also find a new product. It has been scientifically proven that some dyes added to soaps have very harmful effects on internal organs such as the kidney or liver, not only in large quantities but also at lower dosages.

In the European Union, green 3 colors is banned because it has been shown to have some cancerous effects that have been shown in animals. Avoid such soaps.

The conclusion is that we can do much better than use soaps and cleaners that are full of chemicals. There are many substances in nature that can be cleansed in an equally efficient way. Try to throw out industrially produced soaps and look for where you can buy soaps made from natural materials.

When buying, pay attention to whether such products have any chemical compounds that are suspicious or do not know what they mean. Don't buy soap. Use those that contain natural oils such as olive, jojoba, coconut, avocado or shea butter.

You will probably need to spend a little more money than for the industrially produced ones, but at least you will be sure that you are not poisoning yourself.

Author: M.T. Photo credit: ARTerEGo ​​/ Flickr

How to Choose the Right Soap for Your Skin Type | Puthuyugam TV (October 2020)