Why adopt a dog

Before deciding to adopt a dog, it is necessary to know some details that are very important in the coexistence of the animal and the human. The dog is not a toy, but a living being, and you should act accordingly. You need to learn some things about a dog so that it can function better in common life.

Before your adoption, you need to answer the questions below in the affirmative. If you answer only one of these questions in the negative, it is best to wait with your foster mother until you have answered yes to all the questions.

Have all household members agreed to foster care? Do not domesticate until all the household members agree with it!

Are you ready to walk every day, three times a day, for the next 15 years?Walking refers to a minimum of 1.5 hours of active walking throughout the day. Walking is not, do 10 steps, only for the dog to make emergency and back home.

If you live in a home, do you have a fence that a dog cannot jump over? You must protect your dog from hazards such as cars.

If a dog is going to live in the yard, do you have a designated corner for him? By a predefined corner we mean a fenced part with a cottage, not a chain!

Are you familiar with the difference between male and female dogs?Male and female dogs are completely different in nature and behavior.

Can you set aside money for food and vaccinations? You need to keep in mind that every year you have to vaccinate your dog regularly and that you have to provide him with the variety of foods he needs.

Ready to clean after your dog? When a dog enters your home, you need to be aware that you will need to spend more time cleaning the home and maintaining the dog's cleanliness and hygiene.

Are you allergic to dog hair? If you are not sure, test.

When you go on vacation, where will you be with your dog? This question will be waiting for you every year, so be sure to have a solution before you get married.

Do you have neighbors who don't like animals? It's important to know that the people around you don't hate animals so they don't cause you problems.

Are you ready to socialize and raise your dog? You must do this for the benefit of yourself, your dog and the entire community.

If you answer all 11 questions in the affirmative, only then does it mean that you are ready to adopt the animal!

Author. A.Z., Photo: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shuterstoock

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